The first steps to buy air conditioner

First of all you need to know that the air conditioning market is very wide and varied, starting with professional air conditioning systems for offices, on portable air conditioners for household use, finishing. The basic, very general classification of air conditioning systems is as follows: air conditioners, cassette-type, which is installed on suspended ceilings, air conditioners, channel (use ductwork brought to a central processing unit), air conditioners Multisplit and inverter multisplit (multiple units connected to one unit located outside the building ). The professional systems can also meet with such as air conditioners VRF systems PACi, chilled water systems and heat pumps. This, however, installations, most of which are used in large projects.

ac-at-home-airconditioner-at-homeFor home use should opt for smaller units, which fully meet the fundamental (though not the only!) The function of air – and thus cooling. Air conditioners designed for individual customers can be divided into cooling, cooling and heating, and cooling and heating capable of maintaining a constant humidity. The most popular group of devices for homes are models of lowering the temperature, which are divided into compact (also called monoblock) and two-component split air conditioners (wall, wall and ceiling, floor, split-inverter). If you are looking for something small, which makes the hot days we will be cooler, and we can not install air conditioning from scratch, we should decide on a compact portable air conditioner. Keep in mind that each of them can work as a fan.