What is a compact air conditioner?

Conditioners, portable devices that anyone can easily install in his apartment. In this type of termination of the entire structure is located in a single housing. We divide them on the window and portable (mobile). If we are interested in the solution does not require complicated installation or any alteration in the apartment, we should definitely choose the model of mobile. In the case of window air conditioners installation requires a bit more “Western” because it sets them on the windowsill or mounted in a window (sometimes on the wall), which usually requires replacement of a window or perform an additional hole in the wall. In most cases, consent is required if the administrator of the building.
Portable air conditioners can be set in a room without great changes and alterations apartment and without unnecessary formalities (if we do not interfere in the body of the building).

Where Air Conditioners Live

Their advantage is undoubtedly the size, but also a lot of opportunities. Such devices cool air, dries and ventilate the room can also operate in different modes, for example. Cooling and heating. It is not true that their effects are noticeable, and the real cool give only complicated installation of air conditioning systems. Properly selected air conditioner always bring relief on hot days.

Choosing a model to his apartment, we must first take into account the size of the room were, degree of sun exposure, number of windows, doors and the number of people staying in the room. That’s all, despite appearances, is important, because mismatched air conditioner does not fulfill its basic functions. But keep in mind that a necessary condition for the use of portable air conditioners is the window in the room, which is derived by concertina pipe with a length of approx. 150-180 cm and a diameter of approx. 10-15 cm. This tube discharged warm air to the outside, and the room air to cool the charge. The best solution is a window of Luft which restricts the flow of hot air. However, if you do not have this, you should ask at the store for a special strip with openings for the discharge of air from the tube, designed for installation in door frames of windows.


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