Mobile air conditioning without duct

Each classic mobile air conditioner there is the problem of withdrawal of the duct. The installation usually requires some engineering thought and skill. And not always has the ability to bring the pipe out the window or drill a hole in the wall.

Portable air conditioning without duct – as an alternative

Not so long ago on the market a series of climatic installations (sinks air) is able to replace a portable air conditioner. For example, Honeywell provides systems operating on water and is able to perform a number of functions, namely: cooling, humidify, purify, heat, ionizing, ventilating, aromatizing the air.

In addition, the system requires no installation and is easily moved with wheels. Mobile unit can lower the temperature by about 10 degrees.

Natural humidification and filtration of air it is useful for children and people with weak immune system, allergies. Plus the ionizer and the additional heat source on cool days.


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