Mobile air conditioning without duct

Each classic mobile air conditioner there is the problem of withdrawal of the duct. The installation usually requires some engineering thought and skill. And not always has the ability to bring the pipe out the window or drill a hole in the wall. Portable air conditioning without duct - as an alternative Not so long … Continue reading Mobile air conditioning without duct


What is a compact air conditioner?

Conditioners, portable devices that anyone can easily install in his apartment. In this type of termination of the entire structure is located in a single housing. We divide them on the window and portable (mobile). If we are interested in the solution does not require complicated installation or any alteration in the apartment, we should … Continue reading What is a compact air conditioner?

The first steps to buy air conditioner

First of all you need to know that the air conditioning market is very wide and varied, starting with professional air conditioning systems for offices, on portable air conditioners for household use, finishing. The basic, very general classification of air conditioning systems is as follows: air conditioners, cassette-type, which is installed on suspended ceilings, air … Continue reading The first steps to buy air conditioner